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May 16, 2013
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Twilight Sparkle, Crystal Empress by Evil-DeC0Y Twilight Sparkle, Crystal Empress by Evil-DeC0Y
"Oh, you don't want me to be a Princess? Then I'll just become an Empress."

So yeah, this was just sort of an impulse peice, I thought it up, drew it, scanned it, and then digitized in just under 8 hours I know it sounds like a lot of time, but when you consider that the comic I finished last week was in progress for just over a month I think completing this process in under 24 hours is a wonderful thing.
I was actually getting ready to start on a new project when this idea hit me, I decided this one took precedency over the other project.

There's a good chance that I'll come back to this idea later with some more pictures of Empress Sparkle, I really like the feel of it.

I did have some alternate parts that differed from Sombra's red(ish) colors, such as the horn, the eyes, and the cape were all different shades of lavender and purple in order to match Twilight's colors. In the end though I decided there is more of a visceral impact for her to have the some of the same visual features as Sombra.

Speaking of Sombra, while researching his armor by looking through pictures of him I came to the realization that his design has been woefully neglected by the fandom.

:iconalexstrazse: Alexstrazse Has made a couple of pictures inspired by this one, that you really should check out:D!



Update: In case you're wondering why you're seeing this picture in your inbox again, I've updated the picture in response to a critique that it recieved from Inciatus :iconinciatus:, that helped me by pointing out some of the mistakes I had over looked.

-added an obvious light source
-darkened and moved the moon
-changed shadows and added shadows to the appropriate places
-rearranged the backgroud to add a more understandable background
-thickened some of the thinner outlines
-and other things I don't remember


MLP© and it Characters belong to Hasbro©.
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I love the depth of the clouds and the moon which seems to intense the whole concept of Twilight being the Empress tyrant.

Her Expression is very cruel looking and the fangs seem to increase the aura of evil she lets off.

The fact that her eyes, armour cape and horn are all extremely similar to The Tyrant King Sombra just shows what this picture is suppose to be showing, the new Tyrant ruler of the Empire.

This i very original, I don't think anybody has thought of something like this.

I must say this artwork impresses me in pretty much all areas An dI must congratulate you on your work, great job! i hope we will see more amazing work in future.
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I do quite like what you have done here and the previous fellow summed things up pretty well. I like what you have done with the sky and a clouds and the expression on her face.

There are a few things that bother me a bit:

The moon while it does add to the piece as a whole it is extremely bright. It makes it harder to focus on Twilight and keeps pulling my attention away.

The piece looks a bit divided. The background and foreground (including the floor) are very different and look almost like two separate images that were brought together. This could probably be helped with a slightly more consistent style or some sort of midground. The end of the floor is a very sharp and straight line but there is no indication as to why it is like that. It creates a hard transition that looks odd.

Twilight looks like she is floating rather than sitting (though given that style it would be rather difficult to make it appear she is sitting. It also looks like her right hoof is not part of the picture with the chair but again a picture stuck on another picture stuck on another. I see you put lines on robe to indicate a bend however there is no indication on the fluff on the side of any sort of change in direction. It also appears the cape is supposed to bend again though there is no indication.

Also, while her color is true to what it should be in daylight the entire piece being so dark and the theme being dark you may have wanted to use a slightly darker shade of purple.

The shadow of the chair does not seem to fit very much. It looks more like a generic this thing is supposed to be floating shadow (which maybe it is but it looks like it should be on the ground). I think you would have been better off detailing the shadow more to create a closer shadow of the chair or just leaving it out.

It is difficult to tell where the light it supposed to be coming from. There are quite a lot of gradients in this piece and while it works well in the neck-piece the rest of it feels off (not counting the horn). The gradients on the armor seem to indicate a source of light; however, the different gradients make it confusing about where the light is coming from.

There is some inconsistency in the lines. While the lines on Twilight are largely thicker the lines on the armor and her mane are quite a bit thinner so they don't feel like they belong.

Very nicely done,
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Werothornhick Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  New member
Kyaa!! So awesome! I love Type of art! <3 Sombra x twilight, so dark Twilight is my favorit! <3
J25TheArcKing Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Crystal Empress Twilight Sparkle. (Evil)

This is very neat fan art. I really like the way you did this. This is awesome!
Stay strong, inspired, professional and gold! And take care!

(Your Poison Throne by Nevermore.)
Riggy95 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 1, 2014
"better to be crippled in body, than corrupt in mind" - a space marine saying.

meaning: a space marine would rather be killed, wounded or crippled in battle, than being corrupted and taking side of evil.

That is what I would follow, than being like Twilight in this image
onichan2234 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Student Artist
Can I turn this into a story
Evil-DeC0Y Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure :D
onichan2234 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Student Artist
Okay you wanna be in it
Evil-DeC0Y Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How would I be in a story?
onichan2234 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Student Artist
Create your own character
Evil-DeC0Y Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nah I'll pass on that, thank you anyway. Write the story however you'd like to :)
onichan2234 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2014  Student Artist
Okay but if I do can you do a comic if it
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