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Once again I'll be a vendor at Nightmare Nights Dallas and this year, very sadly, is planned to be the last one. This one will be huge too, Lauren Faust, Andrea Libman, and M.A. Larson are just some of the names that'll be there this weekend.

Being that the other cons are far away I don't know if I'll get the chance to go to any of them in the future, so this may be my last con as well. D:

So if you happen to be going there to give it the wonderful send off it deserves, stop by my table and say hi while you're there!
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Santa's here! *Squee by Evil-DeC0Y

I havent kept up with the production of the movie so far so this trailer is the first time I've seen anything from it, and to be honest it was nowhere near what I was expecting.

I was expecting something more along the lines of a higher budget season finale/opener type of story, that would be inline with other movies from cartoons shows (see Equestria Girls) either catering exclusively to fans of the franchise, or almost ignoring them to try to bring in a new crowd. But this looks like it is neither, and that is great news!

I wasnt expecting such a departure from the original art style, and I'll admit that the juxtaposition between the 2d ponies and 3d back is a little jarring at first, I expect though that it will look much better when the movie is finished and you're watching it. I do really like the way the ponies look and obviously the animation is so fluid its gorgeous!

Basically this trailer had me go from "Yeah, sure I'll watch it." to very excited for it. Needless to say I do have a slight bit of trepidation that it turns out right, but for now everything is looking like it's in capable hands.
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Some of you may know that I didnt have a laptop for awhile, so I wasn't able to make any art for several months. Well, very shortly before I that happened I was working on my season 6 finale comic (which I just released a couple of days ago, and can be found here: Learning Lessons) but I had temporarily stopped work on it to begin my annual installment of the 'Trixie Vs. Hearth's Warming Eve' comic series. While I was halfway through it was when I lost my laptop, and here is where things will get a little weird. I think I will go ahead finish up the 'Trixie Vs. HWE' comic and release it when it is finished(which will likely be in a couple of weeks).

This journal was going to be me asking whether or not anyone thought it was a better idea to do just save it for this Christmastime. But while writing out the things I had planned to do otherwise I realized that I hated the idea of having a gap year on the series and decided I would go ahead and finish the comic. I also decided that I would finish out this journal(which no longer really has a point) because I haven't done one in so long and I've missed it, and I've missed you guys. But I'm back now!

Expect more Trixie and "Still-Unnamed-Ghost-Pony" hijinks soon!
I'm loading the truck now, and I'm just about to take off down the road for Dallas and Nightmare Nights!

I've got new prints and buttons since my last time, so I'm looking forward to seeing the reactions to them:)

And as for you watchers who won't be there, I'll be putting out a new comic for the season finale either this weekend(should I get some down time at night in the hotel room), or at the start of next week!
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I'm back from Midwest Bronyfest(well I've actually been back for a couple of days now) and I wanted to thank all of the awesome people who stopped by and said hi, bought stuff, or started following me! I had a blast and I hope things work out to where I can go again next year!

As for what I plan to do next, I'm currently working on a commission and once I finish it(and any commissions I may also get by then) I'll get back to work on the 'Trixie Vs.' tumblr blog, since I haven't been able to update it a little while due to getting everything together for MWBF. Then I want to do more comics.
After riding in a vehicle for 14 hours I've finally made it to my hotel room, it feels good to stretch out. Unfortunately I arrived too late to set up my booth, so I'll have to do it all in the morning.

I hope to see some of you here! If you'll be here let me know in the comments and/or at my table I'll give you some free prints!

I'm really looking forward to this con, it'll be pretty different from any other time I've vended.
First off I want to start with the good news and announce that I plan to be a vendor at Midwest Bronyfest at the end of this month in Kansas City! It will be my first time vending outside of Texas, and I'm really excited because it is supposed to be a big convention.

But that is unfortunately where the good news ends.

Today hasn't been the greatest day. Somehow several hundred dollars I've been saving up to use as my funds for being a convention vendor(money to buy the new prints to sale, hotel, travel, food etc.) have disappeared and I have no idea where it's gone. Hopefully I've only misplaced it, and I'll find it before I have to leave for Midwest Bronyfest later this month, though right now it doesn't seem that likely.

Its pretty embarrassing to have lost all of it, I'm usually very responsible with my money and I wouldn't have even made a journal mentioning it except the convention is this month and I'm not sure if I'll be able to cover the expenses so soon.

So what I will be doing is opening up some last second convention funding commissions in hopes to take some of the financial pressure off. 

I want to be absolutely clear, I am not asking for charity, or donations of any kind, I simply want to do some extra commissions to be certain I'll be able to be afford being a vendor.

If you have any questions about commissions don't be afraid to ask here or in a note, I'll be more than happy to answer them :D
I'm re-opening commissions(in case the title wasn't clear), so if you're interested just send me a note!
Recently Trixie-J-Lulamoon :icontrixie-j-lulamoon: brought to my attention that a fellow artist named Celebi-Yoshi :iconcelebi-yoshi: has had a serious tragedy happen in her life. I don't know her personally, but I still would like to bring her predicament to your attention.

I'm typing this just as I'm about to pack up my laptop to leave for Dallas, I'm going to be a vendor at Nightmare Nights again.
I'm excited to go back there since last year NMN was my convention being a vendor at and now that I have more experience it should be a better time.

Hope to see some of you there!

If you say the words "Green Beans" to me while I'm there I'll give you a free print.
After a few long months of being very busy I'm finally able to get back to work on pictures and comics.
There is one picture that I have been working on here and there when I got the chance, and I really love its concept and now that it is almost done I love the outcome. This picture has really helped me to keep my artistic drive alive these past months. It should be out really soon and will most likely be a print for sell at future conventions.

Speaking of future conventions I also wanted to say that I will be a vendor at this month's Nightmare Nights convention in Dallas from October 23rd to 25th (I cant believe it's already October)

If you want more information about the convention, and who all will be there, you can find out all you need here

I'm sorry it's been so long since I've put anything out, but that should be changing soon, it is good to be back :D!
I have a few big things that I wanted to share and they are all connected.
First off, I just recently got a new job, and until I can adjust to the tiredness from work and the hours my art output will most likely, and unfortunately, be very low.

But that leads to the second big news, since I have a job now I'll be able to make it to Bronycon next week! :D I'm super excited and a little bit anxious, this will be my first full weekend con that I'm not a vendor, my first trip on an airplane, my first vacation without my family, and my first time ever leaving the south.

And finally, while I'm at Bronycon I will be on a panel with :iconjadedjynx:, :iconthedracojayproduct:, :iconnarflarg:, :iconamarcato:, and :iconicesticker: about how we make fan comics, and how they are made in general. For those going who are somehow actually interested(I know I'm not) it will be on Sunday, August 9th, at 1:45PM in the Hall of the Stars.
If any of you will be there drop on by and say "Hi!" and then buy stuff!

This will be my second time as a vendor at a convention so I'm hoping I'll be much more comfortable, also since I live just outside of Houston I wont need a hotel room, so it'll be all the joy of a full weekend con, and none of the problems of going out of town :D!

I'll have 4X6 and 11X17 size prints of many of my pictures, including my two newer ones:
Do you wanna play? by Evil-DeC0Y

Babs Seed is 'Maredevil' by Evil-DeC0Y
I want to start off by thanking my friend and fellow P.I.M.P. TheDracoJayProduct :iconthedracojayproduct: for his awesome gift:Evil-DeCOY Thing by TheDracoJayProduct

It's so amazing, scroll back up and look at it again!

Secondly I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday messages, llamas, dA points, and occasional cake piece! You guys are awesome!

And as for my other watchers YOU'RE DEAD TO ME!!!!...there's always next year :)
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Come join the P.I.M.Ps at our stream:…

There's a call going on right now so you can hear the lovely voices of :iconamarcato: Amarcato , :iconicesticker: Icesticker , :iconnarflarg: Narflarg  and myself. :icongrievousfan: grievousfan will be there too (but she doesn't talk in calls so you'll have to settle for talking to her through typing)!

While you're there make sure to ask Amrcato, Icesticker, and Narflarg to draw your OC!
With the long delay between my last two comics, MLP season 5 starting, and the work I have ahead of me for Fiesta Equestria in June, I have decided that I will be closing my commissions for now.
I'm going to be a vendor at Fiesta Equestria :D

I'm really excited for this for multiple reasons, one of them being I now have some experience at being a vendor so it wont be such a foreign thing to me, another is that the convention is in Houston and I live close enough that I wont need to get a hotel or do much travelling(even though those things are a ton of fun, they're a big expense as well).

I'll likely make some new pictures to sell there but it's going to be much closer to the summer when I do that. I'm also considering other things I could sell there, but I'll need to look into my ideas some more before I make any decisions.

I hope to see some of you there, it's the last weekend in June the 26th - 28th

Here are some of the several pictures that I'll have for sale:

Luna-tic by Evil-DeC0Y

Trixie's Tricky Filly Fireworks Trick by Evil-DeC0Y

Feeling Inspired? by Evil-DeC0Y

A Hydra in Canterlot (V2.0) by Evil-DeC0Y
Twilight Sparkle, Crystal Empress V2.0 by Evil-DeC0Y
I'm sorry it has been a while since I uploaded any comics, or non-commission pictures. The reason why is that I've been working to make it to Bronycon and in between commissions I've worked on my Trixie Vs. ask blog and that it isn't really something that would be seen here on dA and I'm sorry for that.

I do have a comic that will be coming out shortly, I cant give a time frame for it, but it is coming. In fact here is a WIP of it.
Wip by Evil-DeC0Y

I'm also sorry for the lack of journals that indicate that I'm neither dead nor absent, I plan on making journals more often than I have been, as a token of trust in my word I leave you with this precious gift...

Yonderloo by Evil-DeC0Y
Hey there everyone, I know this is almost a week late, I've been meaning to write this but I accidentally let time get away from me.

First off I wanted to say that I had a blast at Nightmare Nights, there was a lot of people there, some nice costumes, and some great vendors.
It was my first time being a vendor at a convention(or anywhere else for that matter), and it was certainly interesting.

On the first day of the convention some of the other vendors and I were in a separate room because the main Dealer's Den wasn't big enough to fit all of the vendors, but unfortunately since our room was off to the side not everyone noticed it, and since the room was small not too many people could be in there at one time. So that night the vendors and the convention staff worked out a way for everyone to be happy, so they took the vendors from that room and moved them to the hallways outside of the dealers den, and the main panel room.

Even though most of my time was spent at the table, I did manage to make it to a couple of panels that I wanted to see. What was really shocking though was on the last day I saw Amy Keating Rogers(one of the writers for MLP:FiM) walking through the halls just a few feet from my table, and I wanted to show my appreciation for the amazing work she's done for the show. So I gave her a print of mine that I thought she would like best out of the ones I had. I thanked her for the work she did, and she thanked me for the prints and nice words, then she hugged me(which I did not expect at all).

And then about an hour later I saw Tabitha St. Germain(the voice actress for Rarity, Luna, Granny Smith, Derpy, Photo Finish, other smaller roles) walking through the halls as well, so I grabbed one of my Luna prints and a Rarity print and I gave her those.
I thanked her for work on the show as well, and told her that she does a great job(I was amazed watching her switch quickly between her voices at the VA panel), and after a very brief conversation she hugged me as well(which again was very shocking, I'm not a hugger so they definitely weren't getting the hug vibe from me).

All in all, it was a fun time, and I plan on vending at several conventions next year:D! Now I plan on going back to sleep for a month.

P.S. I wanted to thank all of the convention staff for the great job they did, they were really accommodating and understanding about the concerns of the vendors.
I also wanted to thank all of the people who supported me by buying some of my prints, you guys are awesome :D!
I'm packing now and will be leaving in just a couple of hours. I'm so excited since this will be my first time vending!
I'll be selling 4x6 and 11x17 sized prints.